Born in 1954. Has been a photographer since the mid seventies. He is a member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers. His work has been featured in local, national, and international exhibitions including Hong Kong, Singapore, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Canada, and Slovakia.

For his photographs at "Foto Expo" 79 in Poznan he was awarded the Gold Medal FIAP, as well as the Grand Prix - Ministry of Arts and Culture at the XIV Biennale Krajobrazu Polskiego in Kielce - Poland.

He has authored several individual exhibitions and co-authored group exhibitions. Also, for several years now, he has worked in advertising photography.

...Photographs serve observation (as is well known). We greedily observe those photographs that show something overlooked (or something that we have not had the chance to see previously). I enjoy looking at Wojtek's "landscapes" the most because he treats the photographs like experiments in photographing nothing (but something that was especially overlooked and which we especially long for).

dr Rafa Drozdowski
z katalogu "W. Beszterda - Kilka zdj"

...Wojtek's photographs satisfy our desires to explore that which is invisible; they are at play with the real world. His interpretations of the world are a game with reality, a merging of daily routine with the exceptions of photography. Landscapes are not merely landscapes, reality becomes the object. This type of photography does not lend itself to simple interpretation, but opens up means for observing the world from a different perspective...

dr Rafa Drozdowski
"Kilka zdj W. Beszterdy"
Kwartalnik "Fotografia" nr 6/2001